About Us


Founded in 1997, GEF Consulting Inc. is a Toronto-based boutique management and IT consultancy firm that provides services to both Public and Private sector clients on complex engagements. GEF’s consulting experience within the Ontario Public Sector and on the international stage has been profound and extensive. While our roots will always be Canadian, our footprint is growing internationally as clients learn about our capabilities.

Values and Mission

Our values of honesty, integrity and commitment to delivery are important to us. We are genuine in all our dealings with clients and are deeply committed to our contractors and our employees.

Our mission statement is to empower Governments and Organizations using innovation methods, tools and processes in the age of transformation.

Corporate Philosophy

At GEF, we strive for excellence and aim to exceed expectations. Our corporate philosophy and the way we work is underpinned by the following tenets:

we adhere to the highest ethical standards in both external and internal relationships – this is non-negotiable.
Disciplined & Focused:
we do not try to be everything to everyone – we only focus in our areas of competence and where our capabilities are world class. We pride ourselves in finishing what we started, without sacrificing quality.
Think Long Term:
we seek to develop long term strategic relationships with our clients and suppliers. As an extension of your team we see ourselves as partners.
we do not want or have ever intended to be a large consulting firm – this enables us to be responsive, more proactive and able to go above and beyond every day to drive the results our clients want.

Industry Focus

GEF focuses on four vertical markets:
  • Healthcare / Digital Health
  • Transportation
  • Public Sector / Government (Canadian Provincial & Federal)
  • International Development

Service Offerings / Practices

GEF is organized around four service areas, each of which brings to bear experts and thought leaders. Our firm is focused on Business Transformation, Strategic Execution, IT Advisory and Enterprise Information Management and Procurement Advisory.

Our employees and team of consultants are recognized leaders in their respective domains, and all have real world experience in the vertical markets our firm represents. This allows us to bring specific industry perspectives, unparalleled knowledge of the market landscape and requisite skill sets to solve your business needs. Leveraging our deep experience across sectors, our growing list of projects and diverse case studies is our strength and how we draw insight into best operational practices.

How We Work

We partner with clients who want to be more effective organizations, transform their business and become the best version of themselves. We purpose-build a team for each engagement, taking into consideration of the optimal practical experience, education, and technical skills to best tackle each project.

At GEF we are genuinely passionate about the big picture, we listen to our clients to understand their pain points and to carefully map out your current and desired business objectives. Getting to know your organization builds trust and allows us to identify the root cause of problems. Our team of highly experienced specialists will work with you to form a mutually beneficial partnership between our team and the business; open communication and collaboration are cornerstones of our approach.

We then work closely with you to generate bespoke solutions that will improve the inner workings of your organization, put you on the right footing to realizing your future impact goals and will continue delivering value long after we are gone.