The GEF Difference

Why GEF?

There are compelling reasons to partner with GEF to achieve your organization’s goals and business objectives:
  • As an outside partner, GEF can provide a much-needed degree of objectivity in assessing current processes, identifying bottlenecks and prioritizing opportunities for improvement, and designing and implementing a solution that is “right-sized” for your organization.
  • GEF brings unmatched intellectual capital to the table, proven methodologies and tools to evaluate the most effective way forward to deliver results for your organization.
  • Our clients trust GEF to deliver sound, evidence-based, custom advice and practical solutions with a strong value proposition. This is because we treat every client and project with the utmost urgency and respect.
  • In the consulting business, there are many well intentioned “impostors”. Unlike other management consulting firms though, we will not just hand you a report and run for the exit. We pride ourselves on being an extension of our clients’ team and do not claim we are “done” until the results we promised are achieved and sustainable; we succeed only when you do!
  • Above all, GEF works tirelessly to ensure high quality results; this is fundamental to our brand and reputation.

We Know Government

As a veteran management consulting firm with a strong footprint in the Province of Ontario, GEF knows Government. GEF has a track record of proven results to more than 65 clients over two decades and as an experienced consulting firm, GEF knows how things are done by industry leaders, specifically what works and what does not.

As a testament to our extensive experience with the Ontario Government and the broader Public Service, GEF is on the three-key vendor of record (VOR) arrangements with the Ontario Provincial Government:
  • Management Consulting Services VOR tender # 7434
  • I&IT Solutions Consulting Services VOR # OSS_00461242
  • Task-based Information and Information Technology (I&IT) Services VOR # OSS-00430429

Similarly, with the Canadian Federal Government, GEF is on the equivalent supply arrangements, namely:
  • TSPS (E60ZT-16TSSO/120/ZT) [Management Consulting]
  • TBIPS (EN578-191152/A) [IT Task-Based]

We Know Healthcare

GEF understands the Healthcare space and Digital Health. We’ve spent the last 13 years building our reputation, brand, and competence in the marketplace.

We Know International Development

For the past several years, our firm has been guided by and deeply committed to helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and deliver the 2030 Agenda. By leveraging known leaders and practitioners, GEF has purposely built up its profile and engagements on the international stage and has helped international development clients improve the performance of their organizations, their programmes, and their people.

We are Decorated

As one of the fastest growing management consultancies in Ontario - something recognized by both Canadian Business and Profit magazine via an invitation to join the 2017 PROFIT 500 list, GEF is a recognized and awarded firm. Here are some recent awards / acknowledgements:
  • GEF has been crowned "Business Transformation Experts of the Year - Ontario" as part of the Canadian Business Awards 2019, which, now in its 3rd year, showcases businesses that go above and beyond in their sector and that contribute to the growing Canadian economy;
  • GEF was exclusively designated as the "Industry Expert Advisor [in Procurement]" by the Ministry of Consumer and Government Services;
  • GEF was nominated by CIOReview as one of the "20 Most Promising Enterprise / Business Architecture Providers 2018".

What our Clients are Saying

  • The people at GEF are not afraid to roll up their sleeves to methodically implement tailored solutions, as well as transform our vision into reality!
  • We were shocked to see senior level experts stay on for the entire project. The other guys always send us junior staff and are never seen from again after the first kick-off meeting.
  • The seasoned people at GEF used industry standard approaches and methodologies and used lingo that we could understand and were accustomed to. They did not push some “proprietary” framework or corner us in using them for subsequent assignments. We will though for sure because the value we got was superb and showed evidence of depth and real-world experience.
  • GEF was responsive from the get-go! It was like they were reading our mind.
  • We could tell the thought that went into the work and products. We did not just get some re-packaged material. You have no idea how many times other firms have sent us reports with other client’s name in the header and footer from other consultancies; not GEF! What we got was sound advice and solutions that were customized for our company.
  • A lot of other consulting firms we worked with tried to impress us with a huge quantity of documentation. Not GEF. What mattered to them was not only the quality and but whether the solutions implemented could support our business goals.