Procurement & Supply Chain Advisory

How GEF Differentiates

As recent events have shown, the procurement function is increasingly playing a vital role in complex strategic initiatives and undertakings, especially given the deep entanglement of our world and today’s interconnected supply chains.

GEF approaches procurement from a truly strategic angle - we can comfortably say no one else in the market approaches procurement like we do because that's what our trusted clients tell us. It is no wonder that we are recognized as an Expert Industry Advisor [in Procurement] by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (Ontario Provincial Government). And our expertise here transcends the borders of Ontario / Canada.

Agile Procurement ™ -- Part of the "Secret Sauce"

Our procurement advisory practice, underpinned by our proprietary methodology agileprocurement ™, is undergoing significant growth and is a contributor to the transformation and modernization of the procurement function. We believe the reason is, and our clients tell us this too, is that we approach procurement truly from a strategic angle. Not only is our approach to the construction of a RFx expedited with our agileprocurement ™ methodology, we ensure upfront that the goals of the RFx are tied to the strategic vision of the organization and furthermore, we ensure industry expertise is utilized to inform the development of the RFx. The diagram below shows our three key differentiators when it comes to procurement advisory.

Our Services

Our Procurement & Supply Chain advisory practice is comprised of many sub-services including:

  • Strategic Procurement Planning Services
  • Strategic Supply Chain Analysis & Process Optimization
  • Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)
  • Procurement Strategy Services
  • RFx Creation Services 
  • Market Research Services (which includes “Value for Money” assessment capabilities and “Benchmarking” capabilities)
  • Procurement Assurance Services 
  • Evaluation Support Services
  • Contract Negotiations Support
  • On-Demand Procurement Expertise
  • On-Tap Procurement (A Virtual Service: Enables Procurement Departments to have our expertise seamlessly "On-Tap", independent of their location in the world) *Click here to get started*
Here are some questions you might ask yourself to see if we can be of service to you and your organization:
Internally Focused Questions (Optimizing Your Own Procurement Function)
VOR Confusion. As a Government Ministry, Agency, Commission, Board or Publicly Funded organization do you need help in understanding how to navigate the Ontario Government Vendor of Record arrangements for use in your program area (so that you can procure the proper products or services via the correct contractual vehicle)?
Broader Public Sector (BPS) Confusion. As a Government Ministry, Agency, Commission, Board or BPS client do you need help in understanding how to navigate the Broader Public Sector Procurement (BPS) Directive and Guidelines for use in your organization?
Contract Negotiations. Do you feel there is untapped cost savings in your third-party agreements? According to widely available public benchmarks, there certainly should be and in our experience, there is no question there is. Given our extensive history in procurement, we have been involved in some of the most complex contract negotiations in industry, saving our trusted clients enviable sums. Is it any wonder that the Province of Ontario recognizes GEF as just one of nine firms qualified in this area of expertise?
Third Party Risk Management (TPRM). What's your comfort level as it relates to the risk associated with your third-party suppliers? TPRM is certainly more than just Cyber. Seek advice from a firm who is a pioneer in TPRM -- alot of "accounting & tax" consultancies have stood up TPRM practices in the last few years as an extension of their enterprise risk management practices. Rather than settle for an 'add-on' service from either accountants or cyber professionals, seek insight from a firm who demands a higher standard and view of third party-risk and consequently, has been a trusted advisor to significant client organizations long before TPRM was a 'hot topic'.
Procurement Department Transformation. As a Government Ministry, Agency, Commission, Board or Publicly Funded organization do you desire an exponentially far better working relationship with your internal business customers?
Scaling Your Capability. As a Government Ministry, Agency, Commission, Board or Publicly Funded organization is it difficult to attract and keep procurement staff? Why not extend your capability with GEF's "On-Demand" or "On-Tap" services. We become an integrated extension of your procurement department.
Externally Focused Questions (Going out to Market to Procure a Solution or Responding to a RFx)
Strategic RFx Creation Support. Do you need assistance on how to go market to acquire the products / services you need for your strategic business initiatives? Not just someone to help you write the RFP – there are a lot of consultants that will help you do that. That’s tactical help. What we are talking about here is strategic advice – what you should procure, tied to your strategic goals, and how to go about doing that whilst adhering to procurement best practices and / or guidelines / directives and proper structures (Public-Private-Partnership “P3” vs. a traditional agreement)
Strategic RFx Creation Support, Part 2. Agile Procurement. Somewhat of an oxymoron? Agile? Procurement? All in the same sentence? Our proprietary methodology, agileprocurement ™, is a world leading methodology that addresses two of the biggest compliant’s associated with the RFP process, namely, the inordinate amount of time it takes to develop a RFx and secondly, typically the confusing and ambiguous nature of the RFP’s requirements (e.g. quality level) which results in vendors not bidding or the client not getting the right bidders or the desired results.
Responding to RFPs. Are you a vendor / consortium who needs to respond to a Government RFx but have little experience in that marketplace / jurisdiction? Or do you consider yourself experienced, yet cannot credibly claim a good success ratio? Or do you simply want to increase your odds when the stakes are high? Make no mistake, there is both a science and art to winning Government RFPs. GEF consider it’s expertise here (Best Practices, Techniques & Tools) coveted Intellectual Property and with good reason. Don’t take it for granted that responding to a Government RFP is simply about “proposal writing”. It is not. Don’t learn the hard way. Invest in getting the right support.
Innovation Procurement. Curious about Innovative Procurement methods? Negotiable RFPs, Market Sounding, Competitive Dialogue and so on. Why not talk to a firm who understands what’s possible within the bounds of procurement directives, teaches courses in innovative / innovation procurement, and who has real world experience helping clients utilize it. Not just talk. Actual Experience.
Full Lifecycle Support. Our service offering here is both broad and deep. For example, if you need Fairness Monitoring (also referred to as a Fairness Commissioner or a Fairness Monitor), RFx tactical assistance (e.g. help with writing a RFI/RFQ/RFSQ/RFB/RFQQ/RFP/RFS and related documents) or temporary / project-based procurement team augmentation, we do that too.

The procurement function is increasingly playing an integral role in complex strategic initiatives. Don’t treat it as a tactical afterthought. Questions? *Click here to reach us*